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Olli Meyer

  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Familiy Man

I like to provide solutions and tools. Thereby, I am always focused, true to the motto "Stop starting, start finishing", because what's the use of the best solution that comes too late?

As a family man, I am happy to see my two children growing up. It is important to me that my family is doing well.

In Cologne there is a saying "Jeder Jeck is anders" - as I grew up and studied here, tolerance and curiosity for "other things" are obvious concepts for me.

Oh by the way - my full name is Oliver Meyer Altenschildesche - No joke! Learn more about me on:


In 2013 I founded the app workshop UG for my part-time Windows Phone app development. Since 2017 I realize (now in full-time) web frontends as well as RESTful API backends with Python and Flask. With Apache Cordova and Framework7 I develop apps with a native user experience for Android and iOS. Code management with Git / Github is self-evident for me. For automated testing, integration deployment I use pyTest, Docker and Travis-CI.With Microsoft Azure, I have good experience hosting docking containers and SQL / NoSQL databases.

My focus in 13 years as a freelance IT consultant was in addition to the project management with agile approach to SCRUM, the technical advice in the energy industry - especially in the areas of energy grid operating & billing and energy data management and application consulting for SAP Industry Solution for Utilities.

Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • Flask web-development, one drop at a time
  • Apache Cordova
  • Visual Basic .net and VB for Application
  • MS SQL Server 2010+, T-SQL, DTS


  • Azure VM
  • Azure Storage (nonSQL)




mobile app and RESTful API Backend (current project)

With otrrent, users of onlineTVrecorder.com (OTR) can browse through OTR's most popular recordings and watch the details of the recording. Only broadcasts for which a torrent exists will be displayed.Send the torrent file to your FTP endpoint with one click. On your computer you can then downloaded and decode the recording(otrkey).


Python Library (finished and deployed)

A Python Library for modeling client side encrypted azure storage tables, queues and blobs. Inspired by the implementation of data modeling in SQLAlchemy lib, i wrote this little wrapper around the Azure Storage SDK for Python to simplify modeling data structures and easily implement Client Side Encryption for my own needs. Would be lucky if this lib helps other peoples too.



A mimimized Image based on python:alpine3.6 with nginx stable and dev version of Supervisor py3k. This image is intended for the rapid development and deployment of a web service in just one container.


Web App to RC a RasPi Car (Experimental and just for fun)

Since 2016, I'm thrilled with the endless possibilities that a RaspberryPi offers ... so the soldering fumes pulled into our house. By a lucky coincidence, my son just broke his RC car at that time. Instead of repairing the car, I decided to build a tablet-controlled car with video transmission. With Python & Flask Framework I have written a web app that runs on the RasPi and which can be accessed with any tablet via Wifi. This was the beginning of my personal Python story!


In addition to work and family, there is little time to deepen my interests. Cooking - especially German "Hausmannskost" - comes next to a hobby. And yes, I also like to eat but my BMI is still okay.

I am generally interested in history, technology and science. Fortunately, we live in the age of science fiction and so I am blessed to witness the incredible progress in human spaceflight, astronomy and artificial intelligence. How inspiring and thrilling!